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Custom Framed Maps

Maps make some of the best framed art you can display.


From modern varieties to vintage, maps add historical charm to your surroundings. They come in all types and sizes, and a custom framed map is a unique way to visually record your travel and transport you back to any special time or place you’d like to remember.

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Use them to capture memories of your last trip or family vacation, or commemorate the city, state or country you were born.

There are so many unique varieties to choose from. These days you can find many types of fun, special-purpose maps – like ones that let big sports fans track the baseball stadiums or hockey arenas they’ve visited.

Or antique maps that show how people viewed the world before mapmakers were as precise as they are today. These can be elegantly designed reproductions, or rare originals which serve as valuable historical documents.

Maps are also great learning tools, and can get children and adults alike excited about travelling new places!

The Great Frame Up St. Louis now has 4 new interactive maps for sale at our store that you can check out. These are all great conversation starters, and perfect gifts for the travelers in your life.

  • Scratch-off World Map – This allows visited destinations to be scratched off, revealing a beautifully designed map underneath.
  • Scratch-off U.S. Landmarks – How many have YOU visited, and which is next on the list?
  • Cork World Map – The corkboard material lets you utilize this map in many ways. Pin your travel photos, keepsakes and souvenirs, upcoming plane tickets – anything you like.
  • Magnetic/Dry Erase Map – Chart your journeys around the world, or dream about that next special trip.

Scratch Off World Map Custom Framing

Corkboard Map Best Frame Store St. Louis

Do you have any vacation souvenirs or photos that you’d like professionally framed?

Of course maps aren’t the only way to share reminders of your travels! A beautiful framed picture or a few souvenir items custom framed to remind you of the incredible time you had on that great vacation too.

Our motto is ‘You Name It, We Frame It!’ So no matter what type of items you have, we can help you find an attractive way to display them using traditional frames and mats, collage techniques or shadowboxes.

Travel is expensive, but that doesn’t mean holding on to your memories has to be. We offer affordable custom framing St. Louis art lovers can rely on to provide the highest quality materials and service that is second to none.

Come see us in historic Old Webster at 31 Allen Avenue, 63119 or call anytime at (314) 892-8333.

St-Louis-Cheap-Custom-FramingBruce Shoults, Owner – The Great Frame Up St. Louis

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